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Teras Beach is an Estonian and Finnish joint venture under a legal name of Nordic Beach OÜ. The Estonian partners are Rivo Vesik and Sander Kaus, Finnish partners are under legal entity of Finnish Beach Volley Oy (biitsi.fi). Founders of Biitsi have more than 17 years of experience running sophisticated beach sports and events venues. The idea behind the name "Teras" (steel) comes from the very premises we are operating in, which used to be a Soviet Union steel constructions and mechanics production facility. During the Soviet period, so-called hairdryers (hair-drying equipment) were produced in the same premises in addition to metal bearing structures of the Paldiski harbor in the early 90s. Together with the name we preserved as much of the interior of the place as possible. Metal and concrete production space, crane with a large hook and high ceilings. The interior designer of Teras Beach is Samuli Hintikka, who is a co-author for Hilton Hotel interior design as well as the Megastar Ship.


Teras Beach was opened in December 9, 2017 as the most unique beach and leisure center in the world. Many of the top athletes who have visited consider it the best indoor beach, mainly due to the 26-degree heat together with dust-free, soft, white and non-staining sand.



Contact info and pictures


Contact info and pictures

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